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  • For over 9 years KISCO has been providing top-quality industrial adhesives to the Tri-State (OH, KY, IN) area.
  • KISCO provides a complete line of Aron Alpha cyanoacrylate adhesives, most known for their brand Krazy Glue in the U.S.
  • These high quality adhesives are developed uniquely for industrial, manufacturing, assembly, and specialty use.
  • The special formulations provided by Aron Alpha meet tough requirements such as impact, heat, thermal shock, stress resistance, and tolerance to chemicals and other harsh environments.

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Our Markets

KISCO serves a variety of markets providing solutions to your adhesives demands.

Automotive & Transportation

Exterior Parts: Door weather-strip, glass runs and body mounted opening trim weather-strip, seals for deck lids and sunroofs, tail lamp rubber seal, side guard molding, windshield wiper blade, cowl grill assembly, grill/spoiler fascia trim.

Interior Parts: Gear shift selector cover, hand brake cover, grommet rubber to dash/firewall thru hole, air/fuel/transmission hose assembly, wire harness assembly, Anti-vibration mounts, plastic clip assembly.

Industrial Assembly

Filter rubber gasket to metal end cap, lawn tool grips, clothes dryer EPDM door gasket, clothes dryer brake lining, t-shirt screen mesh to frame, cosmetic containers such as lipstick tube risers and blush-on kits, bonding lube strips to the disposable razor, athletic shoes, soap dispensers, guitar trim and fret assembly, bag pipe assembly.

Building, Construction, & Furniture

Poly plantation shutter assembly, vinyl window components, furniture components, bridge expansion joint bonding, crown mold miter joint, stair tread rubber, bonding ceramic handles to faucet, artificial marble fabrication.

Electronics & Medical Operations

Electronics: Loud speaker voice coil, cone and surround assembly, vacuum cleaner subcomponent assembly, nylon strain relief on vinyl power cord, windings on motor, control knobs, metal laminating of transformer cores.

Medical: IV sets, catheters, orthopedic devices, hearing aids, cast boots, endoscopes, oxygen breathing apparatus, urine bag port outlets, tamper proofing of transducer flow settings in infusion pumps, bonding needle, wheel chair assembly.

Maintenance & Repair

O-ring fabrication, repair conveyer belts, nylon rails in production line, temporary fixturing, nameplates to equipment, locking set screws to calibrate instruments.

Specialty Markets

Dental laboratory crown and bridge pin setting in castings and plastic articulator to casting assembly, mortician/funeral room supplies for cranial autopsy and incision bonding, finger print fuming for crime scene investigation, kit packing for customer assembly applications, bow & arrow fletching, gun repair, repairing eye glass frames, costume jewelry bonding stones into rings.

Our Products

Series 100

Superior tensile and shear strengths, well suited for metal bonding

Series 200

General purpose adhesive for a variety of applications. Various viscosities and gap filling properties available.

Series 200TX & 200F

Thixotriopic formula designed for clean (no stringiness), fast applications. Idea for high speed automatic dispensing machines and valves.
200f Series - Surface insensitive adhesives, ultra-fast setting for porous, soft or tough-to-bond substrates.

Series 400X

Engineered for high temperature (up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit) and high impact resistance.

Series 400T

Elastomer-modified adhesive with excellent peel, impact and thermal shock (-65 degrees to 250 degrees Farenheit) resistance.

Series 800

Low odor/low bloom formula. Eliminates frosting and the need for sophisticated ventilation.

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